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Re: LinuxWorld: Frame and fortune

See the following article on Framemaker & Linux:  


Adobe may have the answer to powerful desktop publishing on
Linux. (900 words)

We found Framemaker on Linux to be both stable and reliable, despite being a beta version. It doesn't bother with unnecessary GUI elements, which is more than we can say for certain well-known word processors from certain well-known software companies in Redmond. It still has some problems with picture import, though, such as the inability to handle TIFF graphics. But the concept of logical markup is a plus, and might save time for tech writers by freeing them from fiddling around with each paragraph's layout. And, with a little goodwill and desire to learn, average users could benefit too. Framemaker is not just another office suite; rather, it is an important desktop application on the Linux platform. We are looking forward to its final release. 

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