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Re: PDF 'flashing'


This sounds more like a problem with your video card.  You might check
the website of the card's manufacturer to determine if you have a recent
version of the driver or if it would be worth your while to download an
updated driver version.  


Joan Thomas wrote:
> Hi All-
> I have a file that all the graphics are grayscale for printing. But, when the PDF is generated, as I page down through the graphics, I see a quick flash of light yellow.  Initially, I had 3 line graphics that I guess were not grayscale initially, and I had the same color being displayed in the background of those graphics.
> I tried making sure that fill was set to none for all the graphic boxes. I tried importing color definitions from other files that work right. Does anyone have any idea? I am sending it to the printer & hope it doesn't interfer with his films.
> Any suggestions would be helpful.
> (PC, Frame v.5, using PS, then distiller)
> Thanks!
> Joan :-)

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