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Re: continuation of a sidehead [APOLOGIES]

Erik and all:

The following non-solution only partly works.  The body text immediately
following the anchor sidehead para does not appear BESIDE the table in the
sidehead area.  Instead, the body paras are pushed over to the top of the
next page where they DO appear beside the table continuation (which gives
you 'Sidehead Text (continued)' as desired).

My apologies to all ... but then table positioning has needed a fix for a
long time.  If a table is set to Top of Next Page, why should all text after
the anchor point be pushed over, too?

Regards, mes amis,

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> From:	edunn@transport.bombardier.com [SMTP:edunn@transport.bombardier.com]
> Sent:	Wednesday, February 02, 2000 7:53 AM
> To:	framers@FrameUsers.com
> Subject:	RE: continuation of a sidehead
> Make the sidehead an anchor for a table.  You can use negative leading
> under
> the sidehead and above the table so that it aligns with the body text.
> The
> table title becomes the true sidehead and contains the Table Continuation
> variable.  The table itself will consist of invisible cells with invisible
> rules.  Add enough rows to force the table to break over the page.  The
> heading with the (continued) suffix will repeat.  Voila.
> >
> > In my document I use a lot af sideheads. When the text belonging to the
> > sidehead is coming over the pagebreak, i want to repeat the
> sidehead-title
> > including the word (continued). In the archive of the list I found
> nothing
> > about it (only tables and some kind of headers). In the manual they are
> > only
> > talking about tables.
> > Can somebody point me in the right direction .

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