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Re: LinuxWorld: Frame and fortune

>See the following article on Framemaker & Linux:  
> http://www.linuxworld.com/linuxworld/lw-2000-01/lw-01-framemaker.html 

I have the following comments to this article:

> Until now, Adobe's DTP (desktop publishing) software, FrameMaker, was
> available only for Mac OS, Windows, and Solaris...

...and a few other UNIX platforms: HP, IBM, SGI

> FrameMaker's biggest advantage over traditional word processors is the
> aforementioned logical markup, which means that every paragraph has a
> fixed design template. You can create and adjust such a template in
> the Paragraph Designer...

I wouldn't use the term "template" for tags or "styles", but...
It's also quite common with named paragraph "styles" nowadays, and
the *real* advantage in FM is the use of such styles/tags/formats for
characters, cross-references, tables, conditional text, etc. and the
ability to import all of these across a set of files.

> You must create a new template via the not-very-intuitive Commands
> box in the lower left corner of the window. We needed several
> seconds to figure that out. 

Nope. All you have to do is to change the tag name and click Apply.

> Placing an image within the text flow is a simple matter of
> importing the image using the menu option File, Import, File...
> Our naive assumption that we could also import a fixed-frame picture
> with just a few mouse clicks was dashed, so we had to ask our local
> FrameMaker guru for help. He told us to open the graphics toolbar
> (Graphics, Tools), select the seventh icon counted from the top, and
> place a frame at the desired image position. Within this frame, we
> could import and resize the image.

Say what? You simply click outside any text frame (to de-select any
text or object) and then use File, Import, File. The graphic will be
placed in a frame outside the text flow. Talk to your guru again.

But FM isn't very intuitive for new users, so it does take a helping
hand to get you started correctly. Such as the book "FrameMaker for
Dummies", written by Sarah O'Keefe.

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