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TOC Hyphenated Numbering


I have page numbers in my footers that include the chapter number. I've used a Running Head/Footer on the Master Page with the designation <$paranumonly[ChapterNum]> to pull in the chapter number.  Thus, I get the following for each chapter footer, respectively: 1-1, 2-1, 3-1.

My question is this: How to I get the chapter number "prefixes" to appear with a hyphen before the page number in the table of contents? Thus:

Chapter On Telephones   1-1
   Telephones                   1-3
   Headsets                       1-7

Chapter On Wires            2-1
   Wires                            2-4
... and so on.

I figure that this must be done with the special text flow on the reference page, but how?

Thanks mucho!


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