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Re: Whither FrameMaker? or, should they switch?

At 08:30 AM 1/28/00 -0800, Deporodh wrote:
>Dear Framers,
>And finally, my own question to you all: if you had
>FrameMaker files & books that had started life as Frame 3
>files on the NeXT platform that used PostScript code for
>graphics (NeXT used Display PS onscreen), and had now been
>migrated to Frame 5.5 files on Windows NT 4.0 with OLE
>graphics, would you attribute such things as the regular
>and involuntary breaking of flows to the ghosts of the past
>buried in the files' code? Or is Adobe's stated non-support
>of OLE (per Frame/Windows tech support 1/14/2000) a more
>likely suspect for the fragility of these files, which
>incorporate an average of 20 half-page OLE graphics per
>file in the book?

I don't know about the PS graphics, but I think the standard
solution for documents that start acting funny is to save
them as .mif and then read them back into FrameMaker.


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