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FrameMaker® Alive and Well at Adobe

"Contrary to reports that have appeared in the Robert X. Cringley column in the February 2, 2001 issue of InfoWorld or in the on-line version of this column on InfoWorld's website, Adobe is completely committed to developing and supporting the FrameMaker product. Currently, the FrameMaker engineering and product management teams are busy working on the next major release of the product, including developing new features based on customer feedback. FrameMaker engineering is actively searching for new recruits.

FrameMaker sales this year have been excellent. The success of FrameMaker can in part be attributed to its adoption of emerging technologies such as XML and its positioning as a multichannel publishing solution.

In this year alone, the FrameMaker team has attended and held more marketing events than ever, and will continue its active marketing push throughout the coming year. In the coming months, look for FrameMaker at the following conferences and trade shows: On Demand; Seybold; WinWriters Online Help Conference; Annual STC Conference; FOSE; and XML Europe 2001. You can also expect another multi-city seminar tour to happen in the May timeframe that will focus on FrameMaker and eBooks.

FrameMaker holds a unique position in the multichannel publishing market, and is poised to take advantage of the rapidly growing trends towards XML and Network Publishing. Adobe continues to be committed to these markets and to the future of the FrameMaker product line."




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