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Spotlight - 16 July 2001

InFrame Spotlight intends on supplying information to those of us that work with FrameMaker, but in a slightly skewed sense.

Here, we will discuss anything that may be of interest to the Frame community, be it software, hardware, people, things, and so forth. After all, there's life beyond using FrameMaker!

Your ideas are always welcome. If you have a favorite software or applet, hardware you really like, or there is someone that should get a mention here, please let me know.

My email address:

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Any of you travel? I needed to make reservations from Albany, NY to Orlando, FL and a few weeks ago the best fare I could find was USD175.00 per person. About a week ago I went to and found a fare with US Airways (soon to be United?) for only USD115.00. That represented a substantial savings for my family of 4.

If you're traveling to Orlando for any reason and need to get a rental car, be aware that most of the rental facilities on the airport grounds charge a 9.8% "recovery" fee in addition to the base fare.

* * *

Looking for a great screen capture tool (most of us in the software industry use this kind of tool daily), try HyperSnap DX 4 by Hyperionics. A new version of this Windows tool seems to be constantly under development and the developer is accessible. Tell Greg I said "Hello" if you stop by. By the way, I've been a user of HyperSnap for years as well as one of Greg's other tools: FileBox eXtender. Here's a little something from the Hyperionics web site about FileBox eXtender:

FileBox eXtender (FileBX or FbX) is a program that extends the standard Windows File|Open and File|Save dialog boxes by adding handy little icon buttons on the right side of the title bars, next to the minimize, restore and maximize buttons, and optionally makes file boxes larger for easier navigation. The two pictures below show a portion of the Windows standard File|Open dialog box:

Without FileBX buttons With FileBX buttons

* * *

Here's a little freebie that will help you cut down on spam email. Go to and sign up for a free email redirector. What you get is an email address that you can use for all of those Internet "fill-in-the-form" areas with the ability to track who is selling your email address to a list. For instance, if I signed up using my first name, Dennis, would give me the domain "". Once I have this, I can fill in a form on a web site using whatever I want for the front of this address, such as: or or

All of these are redirected to my regular email address and I can track where they came from.

* * *

By the way. Have any of you seen the specifications on Minolta's new DiMAGE 7 digital camera? 5.24 megapixels and a well-designed interface. Looks like Minolta has a winner here, but be careful of the USD1,500.00 price tag!

* * *

If you're doing high resolution digital photography, take a look at the archival inks for ink jet printers at Ink Jet Mall. Navigate to They also have "DarnGoodInk", pre-filled cartridges at bulk ink prices for many ink jet printers.

* * *

I dare you to go to Panoram Technologies and look at the PV320 DSK display. You'll want one until you see the price (USD9,995.00).


To submit some of your favorite "stuff", please send me the following information:

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Oh, by the way... if you always have a smile on your face, you'll feel better and those around you will wonder what you're up to!

Dennis Hays
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