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Looking for framer who speaks Japanese

Forwarding upon request....please contact David, not me!


We have a client with a poorly localized FrameMaker document. The document
was in FrameMaker in English, then localized as a FrameMaker Japanese
document. Our client is concerned that in the process some of the links and
structural elements were damaged or incorrectly done.

Do you have any suggestions as to where in the Silicon Valley / SF Bay Area
we could find someone both proficient in FrameMaker and fluent in Japanese
(and available for a clean-up project)?

Best regards,

David Roudebush

Sarah O'Keefe           	Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.
919-481-2701 x13	okeefe@scriptorium.com
Need WebWorks Publisher training in CA?	http://www.scriptorium.com 

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