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RE: Capabilities of PDF

>> >3) The pagination in the manual is different from the pagination in the
>> >Adobe Acrobat program. He wants the page number on the bottom of the
>> >Acrobat screen to be identical to the page number in the manual. Is this
>> >possible to accomplish in PDF?

>> If you have Acrobat 4.0, you can make the page numbers in the PDF match
>> page numbers in the original FrameMaker document.

> Imagine how I felt when my efforts went
> unnoticed because readers were viewing the manuals on a 3.0 reader. 

There's a fix for this problem, too. Move the pages from the front matter
to the end of the file. You can leave the bookmarks and file opening
as is, and the page number in the scroll bar matches the page number in the 
book for 90% of the file. And the other 10% probably has lower-case roman
numerals, right?

--Ananda Stevens

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