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Re: Frame+SGML woes

At 01:46 PM 11/19/99 -0500, Al Friend wrote:
>I'm having a tough time learning how to export/import SGML on my own, and
>looking for an alternative cheaper than a course of training. Not sure if
>there is anything out there, though ...
>From my experience, there simply is no substitute for learning how by
doing it, through experimentation, and finding out what works and what doesn't.
>Is there a book with which I could learn about read/write rules? Warning: I
>can't make any sense out of the Frame+SGML manual; the nomemclature blows me
>away. It's more of a reference for people who already understand the stuff
>and just need reminders.
It's not clear from your description above whether you're talking about the
users manual or the Developer's Guide (an on-line manual). The Developer's
Guide is the only valid source of information. You must understand EDDs, the
DTDs, and SGML before you can make any sense out of the read/write rules
information in the Developer's Guide.
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