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Document Control

Hi framers,

Our tech pubs mgr wants to let the engineers do online editing of their docs--in
Frame!--rather than giving us writers, editors, and desktop publishers redlines
on hard copy or .doc or .txt files to incorporate.  We worker bees would rather
see redlines, etc., but have agreed tentatively to explore the option of using a
filter to save the existing Frame .bk as a Word doc for them to tinker with, so
we can see the revisions (if they will consent to turn tracking on--we think
Word's tracking feature works more efficiently than Frame's change bars).

No amount of sound argument is about to change his or the engineer's (or,
possibly, engineers') mind(s). Aside from having to treat every revision as a
completely new document, what other problems are we likely to encounter? (For
this example, assume our doc is ~200 pages with a figure or table on every third
page.) And, is this the direction tech pubs departments are
heading--relinquishing more control of the docs to the engineers?

Pls cc me as I am on digest,



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