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Re: Converting Embedded Graphics to Referenc

If you have FM+SGML, it's easy to do. Otherwise, NOT.
1. In FM+SGML, you create a very simple EDD for a graphic export application
that includes read/write rules specifying how graphics are to be written out. 

2. Copy the graphic, and paste it into an anchored frame in an empty
document that has the element catalog from the EDD in step 1.

3. Save the document as SGML. This action will cause FM+SGML to write the
graphic out to a file in the format specified by the read/write rules.
At 08:31 AM 2/9/99 -0500, smurphy@softworkscc.com wrote:
>A few graphics are
>embedded, and I don't have a corresponding, separate file to replace them
>What is the EASIEST way to convert an image in the document to a file?
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