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Re: Non-sentence-ending punctuation

At 18:31 06/02/99 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:


>It SEEMS that FM is using assumptions that such punctuation is the end of a
>sentence. Am I correct?  It SEEMS to me that in full-justified text, there is
>more spread between the "I." and the next word than there is between two
>"normal" words.


Jay, is this situation the same in various fonts? Do you have pair-kerning
switched on?

We have found that switching pair-kerning off often improves Frame's

There were rumours that Frame was getting Hermann Zapf's H&J routines
(which do recursive line-end decision-making). Certainly Adobe now owns the
technology. The optimist in me says that the next major release will have a
fabulous new 'K2'/'InDesign' typesetting and screen-display 'core', but
maybe Adobe thinks (with some justification) that manual and long-doc
creators don't much care about good typography.

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