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Non-sentence-ending punctuation


(FM 556 on Win95)

We are working on a book that is just full of abbreviations -- the best one is
D.W.I. (that's Danish West Indies -- what did you think?).

It SEEMS that FM is using assumptions that such punctuation is the end of a
sentence. Am I correct?  It SEEMS to me that in full-justified text, there is
more spread between the "I." and the next word than there is between two
"normal" words.

If I used a hard space after that "I.", then the justification looks stupid in
the other direction -- that word space would be significantly less than the

Any thoughts or comments?

Or am I just expecting (hoping for) too much in the way of typographical

Adobe -- Since you are already mapping the heck out of every character in the
file, consider allowing the flagging of such situations for treatment as

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