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Re: Database Publishing Suggestions

Dan, Dan, Dan,

Though I have never be compelled to participate in lists, I felt this my
first opportunity and a necessary action.

I do respect your knowledge of database publishing issues, however, to
suggest that Unimerge is faster and better than PatternStream without ever
reviewing the PatternStream product demonstrates pure speculation on your
part. "I guess it depends on what your definition of IS, is."  The only
thing that YOU can say unconditionally is that Unimerge is cheaper out of
the box. When comparing YOUR cost (development time included) -- is
Unimerge really cheaper?  (I guess that is an unfair question since you
haven't taken the time to understand PatternStream's capabilities.)

To be clear, PatternStream will out perform any meta-tagged based system --
bar none. To claim expertise in a particular field, you must be
knowledgeable of all products and willing to try new things. I would
suggest that if you want to compare PatternStream to other products, try it
first -- contact us.

Admittedly, PatternStream is for high-end publishing -- things that
Unimerge could not begin to tackle. And be assured, PatternStream can
compete everywhere, from the simple to the very complex. Please understand
that FML is very familiar with meta-tagged systems too, and why
PatternStream was developed. With so many competing code based systems, how
can you recommend one over another -- they all do the same thing, the same
way, they just change the language used (meta-tags) a little bit. 

To us, Seybold's selection as "Hot Product" makes the statement (and they
clearly understand what is available in the market). PatternStream doesn't
force anyone into a particular format -- PatternStream can do it all. Most
of our customers have tried the meta-tagged stuff, they are converts --
they understand the significance of a "LIVE" connection between the
database and the formatting engine.  

To paraphrase a national ad campaign: "an educated technician is our best
customer"  We look forward to allowing you too to experience the difference
-- and oh what a difference it is.

At 03:24 PM 2/1/99 -0700, Dan Emory wrote:
>The answer is UniMerge, by Refined Reports. I've been using it for about 4
>years to produce all sorts of ready-to-print FrameMaker documents from
>database extracts. At $695 for Windows Platforms ($995 for Unix), it does
>everything PatternStream does faster and better, at a fraction of the
>PatternStream license cost. If anyone is interested, I'll send you a 6-page
>PDF file describing database publishing with FrameMaker and UniMerge.
>At 02:36 PM 2/1/99 EST, FrameExprt@aol.com wrote:
>>Hello Framers,
>>I am researching a database publishing solution for one of my clients. They
>>currently publish a series of parts catalogs in FrameMaker. They are moving
>>the data to a database for input and maintenance, and are looking for a
way to
>>publish from the database to FrameMaker.
>>I have recommended Patternstream, but my client wants to see what else is
>>there. In other words, they want to compare before they buy. If anyone can
>>provide me with competing solutions (company name and URL, if possible), I
>>would appreciate it. If you want to share your pros and cons, that would be
>>fine, also.
>>Thank you in advance.
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