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We have noted that on some Win 95 PC's, with "Acrobat Reader with
Search" installed, that when viewing a PDF file within the Browser:  

Sometimes the "Across Document Search" is available, 
and sometimes it is not.  

This is very puzzling.  We have converted all of our source (FrameMaker)
documents into PDF for distribution to our customers.  We have about 76
different documents in support of our software.  

We are trying to take advantage of the Acrobat Catalog feature.  I
created an index for all 76 documents.  We can open the Acrobat Reader
via double clicking on the PDF file and the "Across Document Search"
(icon=Binoculars with Doc behind it) is available on every machine we

We then run the Browser (Netscape or IE, irrelevant factor), and open up
the PDF file (presumably using the nppdf32.dll plug-in) inside the
When we do, on some Win95 PC's, the "Across Document Search" is
available (Binoculars with Document icon is visible)
And on other PC's it is not visible at all.  We have tried eliminating
any possible  variables, but can not find the (simple(?)) cause.  The
nppdf32.dll in both the Netscape Plug-in directory and in the Acrobat
Reader Plug-in directory appears to be the same (same date and size).   

So we are baffled.  

I have Acrobat Exchange, loaded, as well.  And I find the same on my PC,
Opening both Reader and /or Exchange, "Across Doc Search" is available. 

But opening a PDF in Netscape, it is not.  

I have Netscape 4.05.  


John D. Pilla,  Optum Inc.
Senior Product Information Analyst
(704) 423-7456,  Fax:  x7177

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