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A Job for Conditional Text?

I have 1450+ pages of software documentation that is PDF'd and delivered
to the clients via CD. There are 14 sections with multiple chapters,
plus manager's guide (6 chapters) and 4 appendices.

We now have a new client who will be getting 'enhancements' that are not
included in the normal package. I am wondering if this is an application
that can best be handled using conditional text. It will involve blocks
of two or three pages, including screen shots and tables, that will have
to be 'made conditional.'

Or, would it be better to maintain two separate files where the content
differs, and use separate book files to control the versions?

I have not worked with conditional text before, and the FrameMaker doc
is not helping me in this decision. I am hoping someone out there in
Framers' Land has experience with a similar project and can give me some

I am on Frame 5.5.2, and an NT system.


Joyce Richter
Sr. Technical Writer
GWiz Systems
Lakewood, CO
(Go Broncos!)

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