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Re: PDF file corruption help

At 1/28/99 07:12 AM , Marcus Streets wrote:
>I have had problems when a pdf was ftped from Windows/DOS to UNIX in
>ASCII mode.

PDF files should never be assumed to be ASCII, even if they were
created with that option.

The only SAFE way to use FTP is to use "binary" or "image" mode
for FTP copy operations. This is true for PDF files as well as any
other type of file. The only thing gained by use of FTP ASCII mode
is LF to CR-LF, CR-LF to LF, CR to CR-LF, and CR to LF translations
between platforms on files that are truly 7-bit ASCII text files, a
true minority of files used today. Most good ASCII text editors on
PCs (Windows) and Mac can automatically compensate for imported
ASCII text files with different line ending characters. Better to
never let FTP do this.

	- Dov

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