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PS fonts in FM/NT4

Framers (and Dov),

Please only reply to me directly, I'll summarize to the list.

We only use PostScript Type 1 fonts in our Frame documents
(no TrueType fonts), in particular "Times", "Courier" and
"Helvetica" (not the TrueType equivalents).

On UNIX, these fonts are available in the FM installation,
under fminit/fontdir (we don't have a /usr/psres directory
for PostScript fonts used by ATM on UNIX).

I'm interested in knowing how these PS Type 1 fonts become
available to a FM user on *Windows NT4, without ATM*.
We have installed FM on NT4 and automatically have access to
these fonts, but some users who install FM do *not* have 
access to them on their computers (also running NT4).

Do these fonts come with FM, are they part of the NT system,
or where do they come from? (they are also available in
MS Word and other applications)

When searching for these fonts on our computers, we only
find the Courier font file (PostScript), but not Helvetica
or Times (only the TrueType versions). Where are these font
files hiding? (not in \WINNT\FONTS or \WINNT\SYSTEM or the
FM installation, at least not that we can see)

Do you have to have a PostScript printer driver installed
to see these fonts in FM? Do you also have to have a
PostScript printer selected (in FM or in the NT system)?

Please only reply to me directly, I'll summarize to the list.

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Thomas Michanek, Documentation Manager, Telelogic Tau
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EMAIL:  mailto:Thomas.Michanek@telelogic.com
WWW 1:  http://www.telelogic.com
WWW 2:  http://hem1.passagen.se/framers
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