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Re: Default Postscript printer

At 1/19/99 09:20 AM , Suzette Seveny wrote:
>I finally got some time to straighten out my printer problems, following 
>posted on this list, along with advice some of you sent to me.  I have deleted 
>all of my printers and updated the PPD files to 2015.  I'm having a problem 
>reinstalling Distiller though.  It keeps saying it needs the default 
>driver to be installed.  I have installed a default Adobe postscript printer, 
>but that uses a different driver.  I have tried to find a default postscript 
>driver on the Windows 95 CD, and cannot.  Without that, I can't install 
>Because of problems with the 4.2.4 driver, I was not able to print or PDF any 
>of my other manuals that I was working on.  I ended up printing Framemaker 
>files on another printer.  Now my boss definitely wants the PDF files 
>Somebody please help me!!
>Suzette Seveny


You can readily install Acrobat WITHOUT the "default PostScript driver"
(i.e., PSCRIPT.DRV) being installed on your system. Fully install Acrobat 3.01.
Ignore the message about Distiller Assistant not being able to run.
If one doesn't exist already, create a shortcut to the Distiller Assistant
in your "Startup" folder. Run the AdobePS 4.2.4 setup program and create
a printer instance "to file" using the Distiller PPD found in the DISTILLR\XTRAS
subdirectory. Then, after setup is over, change that printer's properties
to add a new port of the name X:\DISTASST.PS where "X" is letter corresponding
to a disk volume on your system on which the intermediate PostScript file
is to be created. Reboot. It should work now.

(Note, this craziness is fixed in the next major release of Acrobat. Much

	- Dov

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