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Default Postscript printer

I finally got some time to straighten out my printer problems, following advice 
posted on this list, along with advice some of you sent to me.  I have deleted 
all of my printers and updated the PPD files to 2015.  I'm having a problem 
reinstalling Distiller though.  It keeps saying it needs the default postscript 
driver to be installed.  I have installed a default Adobe postscript printer, 
but that uses a different driver.  I have tried to find a default postscript 
driver on the Windows 95 CD, and cannot.  Without that, I can't install 

Because of problems with the 4.2.4 driver, I was not able to print or PDF any 
of my other manuals that I was working on.  I ended up printing Framemaker 
files on another printer.  Now my boss definitely wants the PDF files available 

Somebody please help me!!

Suzette Seveny

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