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Sharing FrameScript Scripts - I volunteer

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I would like to encourage and promote the sharing of FrameScript
scripts because *I* need to learn more about them and as a user it
benefits me if more people are using the product.

In this regard, I VOLUNTEER to share my scripts and to receive and
share other peoples scripts.


a) receive scripts anybody wants to donate; 
b) check to see that they have at least the most basic commenting as
to their purpose, source, and platform upon which tested; 
c) verify that they are named according to what they accomplish; 
d) post them on an ftp web site where they can be grabbed by anybody
with a browser; 
e) periodically inform this group of new scripts so posted and to
provide the URLs for them.

I am on Win95, FrameMaker 556.  While I NOT volunteering to test,
debug, or anything else, however, I will (at my pleasure) do what I
can, but only on that platform.  However, scripts for other platforms
are also welcome as the knowledge shared is 98% universal.

I am sure that, at some point, the FrameScript folks will be posting
their own samples and maybe donated sample scripts.  That will be
terrific, however, does not diminish the need for sharing directly
between users.

I have NO connection with FrameScript or the developer, other than as
a customer.  My only goal is to learn more about how to use the
product and thus increase my productivity with FrameMaker.  (As an
aside, yesterday, using FrameScript on a document where we had PLANNED
for this automation, we were able to automatically tag 80% of a highly
repetitive 400 page document -- while we were at lunch.)

Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

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The Press for [Your Industry](tm), The Press for....(tm)
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