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RE: CopyPaste test results (problems)

I have had the same type of problems with FM5.5.6 and NT.

<SNIP>Win95 FM556

In any case, the following general types of problems were encountered.

1) CopyPaste interfered with normal ctrl-c operation and DIMINISHED

2) CopyPaste could not properly copy the FM paragraph tagging -- when
pasted FM knew that it was "tagname_foo", but listed it as
"*tagname_foo", somehow creating an override.

3) CopyPaste got very confused with a FM table in the ctrl-c-1
clipboard and text from an Acrobat Exchange "Note" in the ctrl-c
clipboard; pasting results were erratic, finally ending up pasting
only the contents of ctrl-v when either paste was attempted.

4) Things got really weird when doing ctrl-c copy/paste in
WordPerfect8 while Xvision7 was also running on the PC.  

5) Just a note that Copy/Paste does not seem to (yet) handle EPS

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