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? Toggling between document windows (Win95, FM556)

Win95 FM556

I am seeking toggle-between-document-windows functionality.  For
example, in WordPerfect8, Ctrl-F6 goes through the open document
windows sort of like Alt-Tab goes through MS-application windows.

I understand that in FM you can type Alt-W-[1,2,3...], however, you
have to KNOW the number or look at the screen.  What I want to do is
type something that simply goes to the next document.  (If there are
only two documents open, then it will simply toggle between the two
and you do not even to think about which one you are in.)

This would be very useful.  For example, today an assistant will be
switching between document windows about every 60-90 SECONDS to clean
up some messy stuff.  That is a lot of mousing around!!!

Am I missing something?  Any suggestions?

Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

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