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Weird behavior of file in imported document

Hi all! 

Either the snow is getting to me or this makes no sense whatsoever....

The background:
I have a set of documents set up so there is one master document 
and a dozen "container" documents. The master document has a 
lot of shared text and a dozen different sets of conditional text. The 
"container" documents have the master doc file imported by 
reference and are set to show only one set of conditional text. The 
document formats are regularly imported from a master template 
into both the master and container documents. 

The specifics:
One of my master files contains a table. The table is set to be 
left-aligned. In the container document, the table refuses to line up 
with the left margin, but is indented 3/4". This causes the table to 
continue into the margin of the page. The table is anchored to a 
paragraph that does not include any tabs or indentation in its format. 

I have tried re-updating the container file, saving various files as .mif
and re-opening and re-saving them as .fm, and rebooting Frame. The
problem remains. 

Right now my options look like they are limited to reformatting the 
table.... Any other suggestions or thoughts on what would cause 
this are welcome!

Many thanks,
Ananda Banttari

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