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RE: Weird behavior of file in imported document

Recap: a table was changing format when it was imported into 
another file. 

Jason Watson had a solution first, and from his suggestions I found
the cause of the problem. 

First the solution: I re-imported the file, choosing Retain Source's 
Formatting instead of the Reformat Using Current Document's Format 

The cause of the problem: Although the table in the original file 
was labeled as "format A", it was a MODIFIED version of "format A".
The indenting had been changed for that table, but not for any of
the others. When the file was imported, the container document 
re-applied the standard "format A" to the table, getting rid of 
the table's variant indenting. 

Now the follow-up question: How can you tell if a table's format
has been modified from its default, without going into the table
designer for every table you need to check? Paragraph and character 
formats have the * before the name if they have been modified, but 
that does not seem to be the case with table formats.

Thanks, everyone!

--Ananda Banttari

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