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<$paranumonly[paratag]> in generated lists

Hello Framers,

I have a problem getting the <$paranumonly[paratag]> block to work in
generated TOCs and indexes.

Each document in the book I am assembling has a single paragraph tagged
"Part" at the start of the document. This paragraph is autonumbered (and,
although there is only one such paragraph per document, the number
increments with each new document due to the "Continue" setting in my book
file set-up). The page numbering in the footers on each Master page refers
to this autonumbered paragraph thus:

Page <$paranumonly[Part]>-<$pagenum>

This gives the page numbering format I want: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 etc in the first
document; 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 etc in the second document and so on.

The problems begin when I generate the TOC and index for the entire book.
Because the page numbering starts from 1 in each document (1-1...2-1...3-1
and so on), I need to distinguish one page one from each other page one. The
Frame manual doesn't cover this scenario in the chapter on generated lists,
but based on what is says in general about formatting generated lists, I
assume that what I want is achievable by adding building blocks to the
appropriate reference page. The only building block I can think of that
might be useful here is the same one that works fine for page numbering in
my footers: that is, placing "<$paranumonly[Part]>-" before "<$pagenum>" in
each paragraph specification on the TOC reference page (and likewise on the
IX reference page).

But Frame seems to ignore the [paratag]part of the <$paranumonly[paratag]>
block when it generates the TOC. What I get is *not* the autonumber of the
previous paragraph tagged "Part", but the autonumber of the paragraph
selected for inclusion in the TOC. Thus I get entries in the TOC of
".....4.1-2" and "....4.2-5 as the page numbers of the paragraphs
autonumbered 4.1 and 4.2 respectively when I should have got "1-2" and "1-5"
(since, in this case, the paragraph tagged "Part" is autonumbered "1"). In a
word: Frame is ignoring the number of the *specified* paragraph tag (which
remains fixed in any one document) and uses instead the number of the
paragraph it is inserting into the TOC (which varies from paragraph to
paragraph in any one document).

Can anyone help me sort this out?


Peter Abelard

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