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Getting rid of hidden fonts

I've been working on a set of old docs that have been around for a
number of years before they came into my care. A year or so ago, I
changed the fonts and also changed the tag names so that they
would be easier to apply from the keyboard. When I ask FrameMaker
to list fonts in any of these documents, I get the list I expect.
All seems to be fine. Unfortunately, that's because I have a lot
of fonts on my machine. The minute someone with a more basic font
set tries to open the files, they get a mass of font complaints.
They've got all the fonts that FrameMaker lists in the "Index of
References-Fonts" list, but FrameMaker is complaining about fonts
that supposedly aren't in the doc at all.

When I look in the MIF file, I see that there are a lot of
references to tags that are no longer in the catalog and therefore
fonts that the docs no longer use. Many of these occurrences are
in tables.

What to do? I can't search for either the tags or the fonts in the
native FrameMaker file, because they're not accessible in that
form. The MIF file is intricate, and I'm not at all confident that
I could remove the unwanted font calls without munging the file.
And, there are a LOT of them. These are old docs. They've been

FWIW, I'm using FrameMaker 5.5.2 on NT4 with Adobe Type Manager
Deluxe. I think that the docs have always been on Wintel

Apologies if this is an old topic. All help greatly appreciated...

-Rhea Tolman
Lead Technical Writer, InterBase Software Corp.

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