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Re: Getting rid of hidden fonts


How about....

1) Doing Find/Replace for Find Paragraph Tag (type tagname) and see if
there really are paragraphs (probably blank lines or on unused master
pages or in unused headers/footers) using those names.  If you find
such occurrences, you could do a Replace BY PASTING (you will first
have to do an Edit, Copy Special, ParaTag to get the tagname that you
you will be "by pasting") with a tagname that is NOT OTHERWISE USED
and which you can easily control.  Careful, if that new tag has 12pt
size and you are in a table normally with 8pt text, it will muck up

2) Making a list of the offending hanger-on tagnames (found in the
MIF) and re-adding them to the doc.  Opening the doc and doing a
global update to reset all uses of the offending tagnames to something
that exists (but which is not used -- see above for caution on
characteristics of the new tagname.

Jay Smith

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Rhea Tolman wrote:
> I've been working on a set of old docs that have been around for a
> number of years before they came into my care. A year or so ago, I
> changed the fonts and also changed the tag names so that they
> would be easier to apply from the keyboard. When I ask FrameMaker
> to list fonts in any of these documents, I get the list I expect.
> All seems to be fine. Unfortunately, that's because I have a lot
> of fonts on my machine. The minute someone with a more basic font
> set tries to open the files, they get a mass of font complaints.
> They've got all the fonts that FrameMaker lists in the "Index of
> References-Fonts" list, but FrameMaker is complaining about fonts
> that supposedly aren't in the doc at all.
> When I look in the MIF file, I see that there are a lot of
> references to tags that are no longer in the catalog and therefore
> fonts that the docs no longer use. Many of these occurrences are
> in tables.
> What to do? I can't search for either the tags or the fonts in the
> native FrameMaker file, because they're not accessible in that
> form. The MIF file is intricate, and I'm not at all confident that
> I could remove the unwanted font calls without munging the file.
> And, there are a LOT of them. These are old docs. They've been
> around.
> FWIW, I'm using FrameMaker 5.5.2 on NT4 with Adobe Type Manager
> Deluxe. I think that the docs have always been on Wintel
> platforms.
> Apologies if this is an old topic. All help greatly appreciated...
> -Rhea Tolman
> Lead Technical Writer, InterBase Software Corp.

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