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sort bug in Frame 5.5.x, including 5.5.6; cross-platform

Dear Framers,

For those of you who tend to lean into a program, here's a bug I just
discovered in Frame 5.5.3 that Adobe tells me is not resolved in Frame
5.5.6. If you have cross-reference markers in a table and sort the table,
all the cross-reference markers are lost. This bug operates in 5.5.x on Mac
and (at least) Windows 95 by my recent experience. 

Adobe's developer-support explanation for the problem is that the sort
function in FrameMaker is an API, and the API relies on text when it sorts,
ignoring the markers and consequently deleting them (at least it left the
cross-refs alone or my document would be half missing). I haven't tested it,
but Adobe support indicated that the same effect would likely occur if you
had other markers in the table (index or ?). Perhaps it's old news to many
of you, but I suspect I'll be looking into those Caxton utilities again. My
last firm had just purchased them before I left. 

My document is a "super-glossary" that rolled several glossaries into one
and used conditions to be able to segregate them into individual ones or
combination ones when required. I was putting in cross-references ready to
generate hyperlinks in the PDF document that'll be used for review (and
eventually on an internal web site). I'm now re-designing my doc strategy
for the doc, and also placed an RFE with Adobe that Frame retain conditions
when you convert table cells to paragraphs!

Deborah Snavely
Senior Technical Writer
consulting at Visa
standard disclaimers apply

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