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Re: EPS benefits (and use FM -> PDF)

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Yes, we do "print" our files to PS --> PDF and distribute for author
proofing, client on-screen viewing, and client-site printing.  We do
not yet use PDF as a central print format for our own in house
on-demand print generation, however, WHEN printers become available
that can natively print PDF (as they do now natively print PS), we may
switch to using PDF as a central print format (rather than the
tremendously bulky PS files).

However, that does not fully answer your question.

EPS is ENCAPSULATED PostScript.  PDF is also PostScript-related
(someone else can better explain the relationship).  In my experience
there have been absolutely no problems using EPS images in our
FrameMaker documents destined for PDF viewing/printing.

Note that the original size of the EPS image files has little relation
on the eventual size of the subsequent PDF file.  PDF encodes the
image in its own way.  Thus any given image MIGHT take up the same
space in the PDF regardless of source format -- I would be really
interested in seeing some data on this.  Thus you don't need to worry
about the distribution file size for your clients.

HOWEVER.... I my opinion, what may be missing from the discussion is:

1) Some of your CLIENTS probably want to print out documentation. 
This means that you may need to either generate your PDF with
COMPRESSION (or lack thereof) appropriate for laser printing instead
of on-screen viewing or generate TWO PDF files, one for printing and
one for viewing -- as you say, there is plenty of space on a CD. 
However, you would probably not want to be emailing people the
print-quality version.

2) For me, the advantage of EPS is farther back up the line, as
expressed in my writings. Namely consistency between platforms and
application software versions.

3) Why is it that everybody wants to use BMP for screen shots? 
Fortunately, I have LITTLE experience in this arena -- perhaps the
screen shot programs tend not to offer EPS as an option.  However, my
inclination would be to experiment ReSaving such files in Photoshop
(using the Automation features, this can be done to dozens of files in
a couple minutes) as EPS format.  Am I missing something here?  YES,
using 1-bit previews in FrameMaker makes the graphic almost unviewable
in FM, but you have the advantage of stability that I need.  However,
that is just the preview -- the image itself will be just fine in PDF
(as long as you set the compression appropriately).

FOR SOMEBODY ELSE ... How about a "white paper" on the meaning of,
appropriate uses for, and advantages & disadvantages of the various
compression options in Acrobat Distiller.


Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

The Press for History(tm), The Press for Education(tm), 
The Press for [Your Industry](tm), The Press for....(tm)
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Marcy_BADERTSCHER@enovia.com wrote:
> Jay,
> Thank you for the info on EPS. You seem to have a lot of experience working
> with EPS. I hope you don't mind if I ask your opinion on a couple more
> issues.
> Your reasons for using EPS seemed to center around printed material;
> perhaps material being sent to prepress. We do not print our documentation,
> but produce PDF from FrameMaker files. Each screen capture, as a bitmap, on
> average, would be between 500-700KB. Therefore, as you know, as an EPS
> file, they would be 1-1.4 MB.
> I don't think speed is a big issue with graphics that size, and because the
> material is produced and distributed to customers as PDF (on CD ROM), I'm
> not sure printing is an issue.
> Do you have experience using EPS in Frame files converted to PDF? Do you
> know of any specific advantages? Thanks for your help.
> Marcy Badertscher
> Technical Writer
> ENOVIA Corp.
> (704) 944-8884
> Marcy_Badertscher@enovia.com

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