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Re: Solved! re: Sort order in TOC?

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999 13:11:09 -0800, "Rowena Hart" <rhart@xcert.com> wrote:

>Yes, the Chapter Title is in a separate text frame, which is
>Flow A.  Flow B begins in a second text frame, which is 
>where the remaining Headings (and body text) are located.
>Is the workaround mentioned below the best solution?  Or
>is there another way to correct the TOC scanning order?
>Or should I avoid using separate text frames (and flows)

The separate frames are fine, as long as you use the same
flow and connect the title frame to the body frame.  That's
what I'd do.  It doesn't sound like there's a compelling
reason to use a second flow, which is usually something
you'd employ for multi-page sidebars, rather than for text
like the chapter title that really is logically part of the
main flow.

>Thanks!  I can finally stop beating my head against the
>desktop.  :-)

Guess it worked, eh?  <bg>

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