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Numbering Problem

Anyone seen this monster before:

Frame 5.1.2 on Win95

I have a 10 chapter book that I've been working on for months.
One of the first things I did was to set up the chapter numbers
using the autonumber function in the style tag:

H:Chapter <n=1>< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0> \= for Ch 1
H:Chapter <n+>< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0> \= for all subsequent

It has worked fine all this time. Suddenly, today it stopped

  *Should Be*         *Is*
	1		1
	2		2
	3		2
	4		3
	5		4
	6		4
	7		5
	8		6
	9		7
	10		7

I deleted the title paragraph in all duplicate occurrences (i.e.
both Ch 2s, 4s and 7s); saved as .MIF; reopened; re-entered the
title and applied the tag; saved; updated the book. 


But, the generated TOC has the *correct* numbering! So, the TOC
says I have a Chapter 10, been when that file is opened, it
reads 7.

I'm losing hours of precious time here. Does anybody have a
clue, or shall I revert back to hard-numbering each file?

Thanks in advance...

Jim Stauffer
Technical Writer
ArrayComm, Inc.
San Jose, CA

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