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FM+SGML: slow screen redraw

I have a series of SGML jobs used to produce (among other things)
full-colour printed brochures with colour photos.

The pics are held as CMYK TIFFs, imported by reference, each pic is between
4Mb and 8Mb in size. This makes for cruelly slow screen updates (several
orders of magnitude slower than opening the same pics in a Quark Xpress
file, for instance).This in turn makes the 'cycle time' for checking
WYSIWYG pages or doing small corrections very silly.

Any ideas, other than improving hardware, network and server performance?

I thought maybe using DCS-format pics might help, because they use a
(smaller) preview file?

BTW: the screen redraw time problem is common on the platforms we use (Mac
and Win95) and the versions of Frame (vanilla and +SGML). 

And happy new year...

Mark Barratt
Text Matters                                   
37 Upper Redlands Road,            Information design:
  Reading RG1 5JE, UK              We help explain things using
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fax   +44 (0)118 931 3743          .design
email markb@textmatters.com        .systems
web   http://www.textmatters.com   .process

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