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PS problem: offending command: find font

Hi all --

I DTP a couple of newsletters (in my copious free time ;-) and I am suddenly
having a confounding problem. 

The newsletter (OK, which I admit, I do in PageMaker!) uses two sets of
fonts: palatino and gillsans. When I export the postscript to create a PDF,
all is well... but when I distill the PS file, even if I have chosen not to
embed the fonts, I get a PostScript error and the "find font" message.  

I am working on a Mac and I admit that, while I am pretty knowledgable about
Windoze & how it deals with fonts, I am wrestling with my setup at home (yes
I have ATM Deluxe -- but I don't understand why some fonts should be in the
System Folder & some should be elsewhere).

I finally just printed the stupid document to the PDFWriter last night so
that I could get a draft out to some folks.  But I would love to hear any
comments or suggestions that you all might have...


Dina Davidson

"Vox audita perit, litera scripta manet"

The spoken word perishes, the written word remains

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