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Re: Source Paragraph Format Undesirably Reflected in Cross-Reference

At 04:00 PM 12/7/98 -0600, Alan Johnson wrote:
>I have a paratag named FigureCaption that has the following autonumbering
>    A:Fig.\ <n>.<n+>< >\sm
>which inserts an em space after the "Fig. x.y" (and preceding the title I
>will type).
>When I insert a cross-reference to a particular FigureCaption paragraph, the
>em space that is at the end of the source paragraph's format (FigureCaption
>paratag) is inserted after the reference. I get:
>    (Fig. 1.1    )
>(em space at the end)
>rather than the desired:
>    (Fig. 1.1)
>On the cross-reference format, I'm using <$paranum> (although the em space
>is also inserted on cross-ref. formats with "<$paranum>, <$paratext>" also).
Use <paranumonly> instead of <$paranum>. That will knock out both the em
space and "Fig.". So, the cross-reference format should be:
                Fig. <$paranumonly>
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