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Re: Just a little thing

Only when viewing master pages not when viewing body pages.
Body pages give you mm(nn of xx) where mm is running page number.

John Pilla wrote:
> I know I will probably be inundated with responses for something
> probably so simple.
> For years I noticed that the FM books refer to the page status as
> displaying the Master Page Usage right before the page number in the
> Page Status area.
> I have never seen the Master page name used by the body page displayed
> in this area when viewing the body pages.
> It is supposed to display:  MasterPageName  1 of xxx.
> All I ever see in Windows 95 is:  1 of xxx.
> .. and not the MasterPageName.  Is there a switch for this?
> Most of our pages use default left/right.  But all of our documents have
> a custom FIRST master page.   So surely at least the Custom master page
> name should display.
> Currently using FM 5.5.6 with Win 95.

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