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Re: PS problem: offending command: find font

>The newsletter (OK, which I admit, I do in PageMaker!) uses two sets of
>fonts: palatino and gillsans. When I export the postscript to create a PDF,
>all is well... but when I distill the PS file, even if I have chosen not to
>embed the fonts, I get a PostScript error and the "find font" message.

>I am working on a Mac and I admit that, while I am pretty knowledgable about
>Windoze & how it deals with fonts, I am wrestling with my setup at home (yes
>I have ATM Deluxe -- but I don't understand why some fonts should be in the
>System Folder & some should be elsewhere).


When you distill you need to tell Distiller where the fonts reside. You can
have multiple locations for fonts, so all these locations need to be known
to Distiller.

Go to the menu select Distiller > Font Locations and add the folder path
where these fonts reside.

As to whiy some fonts are not in the System Folder, the more fonts that
reside in the System Folder the more are automatically loaded and stay
resident. To conserve memory resources keep only the system required fonts
there. You can keep all the printing fonts in a separate folder, including
subordinate folder within it, to organize all the fonts you have.

ATM will then allow you to activate or deactivate these fonts. Fonts in the
System Folder cannot be deactivated.

Your work sets in ATM are very powerful, and allow you to manage the font
families that you want to laod for each type of document or type of work
that you are doing.

Scott Turner (sturner@airmail.net or Scott_Turner@csicontrols.com)
Senior Technical Writer
Control Systems International, Inc.
1650 W. Crosby Rd.
Carrollton, TX 75006


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