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Re: Indexing


>I have read
>the FrameMaker manual, but am still at a loss as too the best way to pick
>and choose what items to create index markers for. What is the easiest way
>to set up an index for a 400 page technical manual?

I am taking the coward's way out and assuming that you want to know about
the intellectual process of indexing, rather than how to use FM to
acccomplish your end.

Two books I can recommend are:

	Bonura, Larry, _The Art of Indexing_, Wiley Technical Communication
		Library series, John Wiley, New York, 1994

		This is a how-to which assumes you will be using 3x5 index

	Wellisch, Hans H., _Indexing from A to Z_, H.W. Wilson, New York, 1991

		This consists of a series of articles in alphabetical order
		of title which is not for the first-timer but ultimately
		essential once you have mastered the previous book.

	Knight, G[ilfil]. Norman, _Indexing, the Art of_, Allen & Unwin,
		London, 1979

		Now well out-of-date as it was published before the widespread
		advent of word-processors, this is a comprehensive
		Unfortunately out of print and unlikely to be revised and re-
		issued now that the author is dead and whoever bought the
		copyright from the defunct Allen & Unwin did not realize what
		a treasure they have.  Look for in secondhand book shops.

As regards FrameMaker, add an extra file at the very end of your book file
in which to put all your index cross-references.  You can easily suppress
printing of this file when producing camera-ready art, PostScript files,
PDF, or whatever.  Having all cross-references in one place makes them much
easier to edit and manage.



Hedley Finger
   User documentation and publishing consultant
   Adobe(R) Certified Expert, FrameMaker 5.5

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   28 Regent Street   Burwood VIC 3125   Australia
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