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Re: 5.56???? Where is it? Followup...

On Thu, 29 Oct 1998 22:27:55 GMT, jeremy@omsys.com (Jeremy H. Griffith) wrote:

>On Thu, 29 Oct 1998 13:19:35 -0600, Gary Butler <gbutler@kwanah.com> wrote:
>>For those of you who acted on Trish's announcement quite some time ago and
>>ordered this upgrade, how many of you folks have actually received it? Not
>>Patient calls to Adobe ran out. Today . . . again . . . a call says they
>>(Adobe) can't fulfill the order and can't guarantee when they can.
>That's really bizarre.  I hadn't gotten around to ordering myself,
>so, reminded by your post, I called today to 1-800-685-4586, the
>number Trish gave in her Sep 30 post.  A nice person took my $25
>order, and told me it would go out by Airborne Express on Monday,
>and that if I didn't have it in hand, here in the Vermont mountains,
>by Wednesday, I should call back and complain...  I couldn't ask
>for better service than that; there wasn't even a shipping charge
>for the courier service!  

Well, I spoke a bit too soon...  Today I called back, since I had
not received the copy promised for delivery Nov 4.  First, they
could not find my order; the first person had not given me the
"order number"...  After many tries, I was passed up to someone
who had "better stuff" (a quote from the person who answered),
who was able to find it by using my credit card number.  Hmm.
She told me it was backordered, and that the guy I talked to
in October should have told me that...  As to when it would ship,
anywhere from tomorrow to the middle of December... they had no
idea when they would have more copies.  Sorry.

So, three bits of practical advice:

1. Make sure you GET THE ORDER NUMBER when you call; I got it
from the second person I talked to on this round, it's an
11-digit number.  Without that, followups will be painful.

2. Don't count on delivery much before Christmas.

3. If you need multiple copies, order only *one* CD, and
share it.  That will give the rest of us a shot at getting
one too.  You can order more later, after Adobe has stock.

And an aside... CD production is not a black art.  You can
get large runs done in a really short time.  This "hang them
out to dry" policy with the customer base is unconscionable.

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
   (jeremy@omsys.com)     http://www.omsys.com/
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