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Re: Cross-referencing tables

At 09:08 AM 11/12/98 -0700, Burkhardt, Louis wrote:
>Is there a way to cross-reference an entire table, so that the table itself
>(and not merely its title) appears at the point of the cross-reference?
>If cross-referencing will not work, is there another way to have one Frame
>document (doc#1) that contains about 50 tables, each representing the text
>on a digital display, and a separate Frame book whose chapters borrow the
>text and formatting of those tables for illustration purposes? The doc#1
>will be used for additional purposes, such as software validation and as a
>base text for translators.
1. In doc#1, put each table in a separately named text flow, where each text
flow name is descriptive of the table content. If you don't understand how
to do this, ask me.

2. In the other docs, you can import by reference any text flow in doc#1 as
a text inset. This produces the same effect as a cross-reference, namely, if
one of the text flows in doc#1 is updated, that text inset in all other docs
that use it will also be updated.

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