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Hedley wrote the following:

> Has anybody used Webworks Publisher to convert legacy and new, targeted
> FrameMaker documents to Windows Help, HTML Help, JavaHelp, HTML (any or all
> of the above).

Sarah O'Keefe gave a pretty good overview of the strengthand temperment of this
product. As an everyday Joe user
who has converted about 2500 pages of frame files to HTML with it,
I can add that my favorite WebWorks features are:

* Graphics can be customized, in terms of size, placement, etc.
* Tables can be customized, for example you can specify cell colors.
* Macros can be made of macros
* Quadralay support is top notch
* They were one of the first vendors to offer JavaHelp, and their
   JavaHelp template works well. Of course, JavaHelp itself isn't quite
   ready for showtime yet ...

> Would you recommend this to the light of your life?

Not really ... she still thinks HTML is some sort of strange football league :)

> To a
> junkyard dog?

Yes, my local junkyard dog is a WebWorks junky!

> Would you do it again?  Are there particular mantras to recite on the path
> to true enlightenment?

Take a day or two and learn HTML, if you don't already know it.

- Joel Van Valin
  Publishing Business Systems
  St. Paul Minnesota (Go Jesse!)

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