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If you're on a UNIX platform you should evaluate a set of programs
called 'mifscripts'. You can find them at

/ Emil

Schwedland, Steve wrote:
> Hello all ye knowledgeable people,
> Is there a utility out there somewhere that will analyze a Frame
> document and tell me which format tags are being used within the
> document (or actually more importantly, which ones are NOT being used).
> I downloaded MifMuncher and we tested it, but that only tells us what
> the tags are.  While this is important, I would like to know the clients
> usage of these tags.
> My need is somewhat specific to the industry I am in perhaps.  When we
> get Frame files for translation, many times the clients authoring group
> has been given an incredible amount of leeway to create and use whatever
> tags they feel necessary.  The end result is that we get a set of Frame
> files that have sometimes hundreds of tags.  When we then translate
> these into Asian, Eastern European, Russian etc. we need to change the
> font for each tag.
> It is my general custom to localize the entire tag set (in many cases
> create a localized template for each language) for each client whenever
> we start a project, however when the client has no perceived control
> over the creation and usage of the tags, it seems a little bit of an
> over kill to do this (especially when there is no guaranty that there
> will not be an entirely new set the next time around).
> Can anybody help me?
> Steve Schwedland
> Digital Publishing Facilitator
> SYKES Enterprises, Incorporated
> Worldwide Product Information Development
> 5757 Central Avenue, Suite G
> Boulder, CO 80301
> Telephone: (303) 440-0909; ext. 133
> Fax: (303) 440-6369
> schwedsl@corp.sykes.com

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