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Amen, sister, and away I go.

Meg Fortino
---------------------- Forwarded by Meg Fortino/ATLANTA/MAPICS on 10/19/98
06:38 AM ---------------------------

Sarah <sarahc@indigo.ie> on 10/16/98 03:35:24 PM

To:   "Framers2" <framers@omsys.com>
cc:    (bcc: Meg Fortino/ATLANTA/MAPICS)
Subject:  Farewell

I just cannot do it. I simply cannot keep my mouth
shut any longer. Dan, before I sign off this list,
which I intend to do shortly now, I am going to
publicly say "Thank You" to Brad for protecting
the list members from this sort of vituperative,
paranoiac, and probably libelous garbage, if in
fact he was actually doing that.

As a FrameUser I subscribe to the Framers list
to exchange information about FrameMaker and
related issues. I quite simply do not care about
your personal grudge against Brad, and I am not
interested in subscribing to a list where Brad
(or anybody else) bashing or constant whinging
about Adobe (or anybody else) is part of the
daily or even weekly fare.

I subscribed to this list after receiving Jeremy's
mail (personally) mainly out of interest. To see if
there would be a second list which would enhance the
Frame using experience. I know it hasn't been up very
long, but so far there's really nothing here that
keeps me wanting to stay on it, and several things,
Dan's ranting and the cross-postings included, to
send me on my way. Probably the thing that has
most irritated and annoyed me has been the terms
"Free Framers" and "Brad Framers", and now this
latest rant implying that the list members of the
FrameUsers list are crouching in fear of Brad, not
complaining in case they get cut off. Don't you
Americans have an expression for that - pu-lleeze!

I am also unsubscribing from the list because I am
not one of those "who objected to the way the old
list was mismanaged" and I do resent the implication
that as a subscriber I am. I am a FrameMaker user and
a developer of a product used by other FrameMaker users.

If there is an archive, I may dip into it from
time to time and see if the list is actually forming
into something useful. Since I don't have a problem
with the FrameUsers list, I don't have the motivation
to put time and energy into building up this new
list, so am saying farewell, I wish you all well
in your endeavours.

A small bit of advise though would be to quit the
cross-postings, censor Dan's wilder flights of
imagination, cool the tone and concentrate on the
real issues.


At 14:56 16/10/98 -0700, Dan Emory wrote:

>The surprising fact that not one of the 2000 subscribers dared to ask Brad
>what caused the recent outage is indicative of something troubling. We
>certainly don't want to promote any such reluctance on Free Framers, and
>the purpose of your post was to do so, I hope you will reconsider.

** To unsubscribe, send a message to majordomo@omsys.com **
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** To unsubscribe, send a message to majordomo@omsys.com **
** with "unsubscribe framers" (no quotes) in the body.   **