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If you don't like the program, turn off the set ...

A few people seem to have been getting hot and bothered about the content
of some posts.  I set Eudora Pro to intercept and trash these automatically
a long while ago since the noise to signal ratio was so high that they
weren't worth accepting.  Now you check out how  Mail/Exchange/Outlook,
Pegasus Mail, elm, pine, or what have you can filter messages and you too
can avoid noise pollution too.

For what it's worth, I was somewhat taken aback when framers@uunet.net
suddenly went commercial and became framers@FrameUsers.com, appropriating a
lot of material freely contributed by participants over the years.  But, on
the other hand, the Web site represented a high profile contact point to
which I could readily refer novice FM users unused to the intricacies of
subscribing to list servers.  And certainly a lot of work had gone into
adding more material and producing a very professional design.

I'm subscribed to BOTH lists and intend to continue that way.  After all,
in the bastion of capitalism, isn't competition The American Way?



Hedley Finger
   User documentation and publishing consultant
   Adobe(R) Certified Expert, FrameMaker 5.5

Hand Holding Projects Pty Ltd   ACN 007 418 153
   28 Regent Street   Burwood VIC 3125   Australia
   Tel +61 3 9809 1229   Fax +61 3 9809 1326   Mobile +61 412 461 558
   E-mail hfinger@handholding.com.au

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