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Off topic! Non-FM question for Solaris CDE users only!

This is not a FrameMaker or related posting.
Please delete if you don't use CDE on Solaris or prefer 
to ignore off-topic posts!

Since I know there are a lot of Solaris users out there using FrameMaker,
has anyone else (using CDE, not OpenWindows) noticed that you can view
the default background in virtual screen Four (the one with the
fishes) just like you can view "Magic Eye" pictures and the 
background suddenly "drops back" behind any windows you have open
to produce a 3-D effect?

I happened to do this by accident tonight (I'm really tired trying to
finish a book for Monday) and was just wondering if this is already

Sorry for the off topic posting. Please reply privately, of course.


Ezra Steinberg				Resonate, Inc.
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Senior Technical Writer			Mountain View, CA 94043
http://www.resonate.com			USA
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