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Re: Gold Medals

At 10:48 PM -0400 16/10/98, Jay Smith wrote:

>area).  One WON GOLD, the other won "large vermeil" (silver-plated

Congratulations. Nice going.

>The point is not to brag, though that is fun.  The point is that with
>proper management of the issues and techniques that define "book
>quality", FM can do a superb job.  So, the next time you are
>approached about doing a "book" book that needs to really "feel" like
>a book and not just documentation, try thinking Framemaker -- not the
>other page layout programs.

I guess I was lucky enough to never think otherwise.  The very first thing
I ever did on Frame was a book.  And I hope to do many more in the future.

- web

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