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Gold Medals

Hey (that's Southern for Hello),

I get the impression that FM is generally thought of as a
documentation workhorse, etc.  However, it really does good "book"
work if used with a design and typographic perspective.

Three of our recent books were COMPETITIVELY exhibited last week at an
international show in Denmark (a trade show for the particular subject
area).  One WON GOLD, the other won "large vermeil" (silver-plated
gold).  Competitive exhibits of books published in this particular
field have a 100-year history and tradition; they are judged by an
international jury, this time I think from 6 countries.  It is
generally considered that books simply do NOT win gold -- unless you
come up with a "new bible" or such.

That "gold" book actually also one a gold at a National level show in
Finland this spring and in the particular subject area (which happens
to relate to Finland), was the first book published outside of Finland
to receive a gold medal IN Finland.  Of the other two books, one was
published only a month ago, thus it had not been exhibited until last
week. However, the other one got a gold medal at a national level show
in the U.S. last year and also two "large vermeils" at other U.S.

The point is not to brag, though that is fun.  The point is that with
proper management of the issues and techniques that define "book
quality", FM can do a superb job.  So, the next time you are
approached about doing a "book" book that needs to really "feel" like
a book and not just documentation, try thinking Framemaker -- not the
other page layout programs.

Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

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