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RE: Why bother with 5.5.6?

Remember that some of us will use features included in the upgrade, some
will not.  Those who need the features should upgrade, those who won't
make use of them might well be advised to stay with the release they
have. This is just the same as the way some framers use a specific set
of features in Frame, and other framers use a different or overlapping
set.  It depends on what you use Frame for.  Some people use footnotes a
lot (I don't, but I use other sets of features instead).  That's the way
it is with a powerful, multipurpose application like Frame.  I'll
definitely use the Chinese and Korean too (been waiting a while for

Dick Gaskill

	From:  Mike Hedblom [SMTP:mhedblom@broadvision.com]

	I use 5.5.3 on Solaris (UNIX) and after reading the FAQ and
	assorted details about 5.5.6, I can find no reason to upgrade.
I have
	no use for most of the features (XML, Word 97, Chinese & Korean,
	palette), and the other cool features are not available on UNIX
	PDF and Adobe Online).  


	So, if you beta tested this on UNIX, can you tell me why I
should bother
	to upgrade?



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